Bridging urban and rural

Cooperative Power serves as a resource for information about energy and economic issues facing rural electric cooperatives and the communities they serve in the West.

It’s designed to give members and employees of electric co-ops, and consumers and employees of public power districts, the knowledge and tools to understand and participate constructively in important debates and policy discussions that affect rural communities. Those who aren’t part of the co-op family are invited to explore this site to learn about the not-for-profit cooperative model and how we are well positioned for the future. We hope that shared understanding will help bridge the divides that sometimes develop between rural and urban communities.

We also will highlight the vital role that affordable, reliable, responsible electricity plays in the rural West, from powering farms to energizing learning to providing the comforts of home.

Cooperative Power is an initiative of the Rural Economic Action Alliance, a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization supported by rural electric cooperatives.

Our Purpose

We Engage the Public

We engage the public on the importance of affordable and reliable electricity to the economy and to the rural West.

We Educate the Public

We educate the public regarding the importance and benefits of electric cooperatives and the not-for-profit cooperative business model.

We Promote Principles

We promote principles that support a vibrant rural economy and quality of life across the West.

We Amplify Voices 

We amplify rural voices to support reliable and affordable electricity, the cooperative business model, and the economic vitality of the rural West.